Pressurised PEM Electrolyzer stack


The primary objective of the PrimoLyser project is to develop, construct, and test a cost-minimised highly efficient and durable PEM-Electrolyzer stack aimed for integration with domestic µCHPs. The key-targets for the stack are as follows:

  • Hydrogen production capacity: 1 Nm3/h

  • Pressure: 10 MPa (100 bar)

  • 1.68 V @ 1.2 A/cm2 not only at BoL but also after 2,000 hours of continuous operation

  • Cost: <5,000 € per Nm3 H2 production capacity per hour in series production

  • Durability: >20,000 hours @ constant load

  • Operation of the PEM Electrolyzer (>75% LHV) stack together with a dead-end µCHP (1.5 kWAC) for at least 2,000 hours

The project was initiated on the 1st of January, 2010 and was completed on 1-Jul-2012

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Research funded in part by the FCH JU through contract no. 245228

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